Is Your Bike Shop Green?

Is Your Bike Shop Green?

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Friday, May 14, 2010 - 8:11am

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What's not to love about cycling?  It is a zero emissions emitting form of alternative transportation, great stress release, enjoyable exercise, and is a component of a sustainable lifestyle.  If you were looking for another reason to love it, check out your local bike shop to see what sustainability concepts they are adopting in the shop.  Chances are they are doing more for the environment than you know. 

Within our eco friendly consulting we comment that the principals of business sustainability are universal but how a business integrates those principals into their business is unique to them - as are their results.  Compelling stories sharing: What eco actions you took, how you did it, and the benefits of your actions inspire eco awareness in others and creates loyal customers.  Such is the case with our local bike shop - Bikeport.  
Bikesport, located in Houston, Texas has been serving our community for 30 years.   An interest in reducing costs and doing their part for the environment was an incentive for the shop crew to take small eco actions which have grown to group participation.  Currently, some of the eco friendly measures they are taking include the reuse of boxed and packaging materials and recycling of materials, chains, and paper resulting in a smaller dumpster size saving them money and diverting waste otherwise headed for the landfill. 
A common misconception of business sustainability is that it has to be an all or nothing approach.  Or, that you have to be an environmental business to have an impact.  Sustainable business strategies can help to reduce cost and benefit the environment regardless of the scope.   Check out what others are doing in the industry:
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