Yellowstone: Making Good on a 1953 Promise

Yellowstone: Making Good on a 1953 Promise

by John Kim
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See how @HermanMiller acts on its 1953 promise - helping @yellowstonenps + @yellowstonepf act on theirs #sustainability
Friday, October 14, 2011 - 9:43am

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Our 1953 promise to “be a good steward of the environment” put Herman Miller on a path toward helping Yellowstone Park. As the first national park, Yellowstone is often referred to as “America’s best idea.” A national treasure, it faces the complex challenge of balancing environmental preservation with public enjoyment.

Addressing this, the Yellowstone Park Foundation recently gathered leaders in environmental advocacy—including Toyota, the University of Michigan, and National Park Service—to beginning thinking how to balance it’s objectives.

We were honored to join the discussion and help facilitate a session that began mapping a sustainable future in which Yellowstone remains as beautiful as it is today.



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