Why Workplace Giving Matters

Why Workplace Giving Matters

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014 - 11:45am

Regardless of how small or inexperienced your company might be when it comes to social responsibility and corporate philanthropy, your company and its employees have the power to easily impact social issues like education, human rights, hunger, poverty, medical research, animal rights, veteran services, disaster relief and health services.  And it's as simple as giving employees the opportunity to donate through workplace giving.

In 2013, the largest source of charitable giving in the U.S. was from individual donors, and about $4 billion of that individual giving was generated from individuals who donated through workplace giving. 

Workplace giving is one of the most cost-efficient and easy ways for your employees to support charities they care about, along with causes important to your company.  If you're wondering, "Isn't it better for my employees to give directly to the charity, rather than through my workplace campaign?" here are some benefits of workplace giving you need to know about:

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At America’s Charities we specialize in bringing employers together with charities to engage employees in greater giving – whether it’s time, talent or money.   We are experts at helping employers strategize and create employee engagement and workplace giving programs that align with their social responsibility efforts.

Interested in more information about how we can help your company, association or organization? Contact us!  We would love to discuss the best approach for your organization.