What Does a Girl Do When She’s Told She Can’t Do Something?

What Does a Girl Do When She’s Told She Can’t Do Something?

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When she was in seventh grade, Kylee Guenther was told by a teacher that she would never be good at math because “you’re a girl.”

Today, Guenther, with the backing of Silicon Valley tech investors, is blazing a path forward by taking on one of the most widely used yet environmentally taxing materials in the world — plastic.

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Guenther is the CEO and co-founder of Detroit-based Pivot Materials — a woman-owned, millennial social impact materials company headquartered in what was once the Chevy Creative Services Building, where the Corvette was conceived. In starting Pivot, Guenther and her colleagues set out to create sustainable alternatives to everyday plastic products using natural materials like bamboo and rice hull.

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