Webinar: What is Your EVP Data Saying?

Webinar: What is Your EVP Data Saying?

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Friday, November 14, 2014 - 10:30am

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Demonstrating your employee volunteer program's impact internally and externally is critical to its success. While the industry as a whole is still looking for ways to get beyond traditional metrics, some companies are taking it upon themselves to identify outcomes that reflect their priorities. They're also looking for new ways to quantify the engagement and impact of their employees so that they can better tell their stories to leadership, employees, nonprofit partners, and the community.

Join Jake Sanches, internal metrics and analytics guru at Palantir Technologies, to discuss VolunteerMatch's recent metrics benchmarking project. He reviews our findings and key takeaways, covers industry trends across key metric benchmarks, and discusses metrics analysis in finer detail. Jake also provides recommendations and demonstrates ways to increase your use and presentation of data in your communications.