Webinar: Challenging the Status Quo

Webinar: Challenging the Status Quo

Rethinking the Value of Volunteers
Wednesday, October 29, 2014 - 10:25am

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What if the way nonprofits and companies are currently engaging volunteers is all wrong? How can we make sure we’re strategically involving the core value of volunteers to provide maximum impact?

Research shows that organizations that strategically leverage volunteers outperform peer organizations on all measures of organizational capacity, AND have greater impact. However, less than 15% of nonprofits currently operate this way, and this obstacle stands in the way of success for the causes that so many nonprofits, companies and individuals care about.

Join Bobbi Silten, Gap Inc.; Amy Smith, Points of Light; & Karen Baker, California Volunteers in a lively conversation about strategic volunteer engagement. Whether you're a nonprofit professional, a company program coordinator or a dedicated volunteer yourself, you'll learn more about the research, the implications and the opportunities of strategic volunteer engagement for maximizing impact.

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