Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid To Be Unveiled At Motor Show

Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid To Be Unveiled At Motor Show

by Antonio Pasolini
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New 7900 Electric Hybrid bus from @VolvoGroup to launch at IAA CV Show - via @Justmeans

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Monday, September 29, 2014 - 8:00am



Visitors at the International IAA Commercial Vehicles show will see firsthand the new Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid bus. The launch introduces a new tailpipe emissions-free model that is part of a new generation of clean public transport solutions.

One of the main selling points of the new Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid is its lower fuel consumption. It offers a 75% reduction in fuel consumption, 60 per cent in energy use, resulting in a 75 percent reduction of CO2.

It runs in electric mode on average 70% of the route, silent and emission-free. It can also perform as a hybrid on any route. Charging at end stations takes only six minutes.

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Image credit: Volvo

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