Visibility Key to Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Visibility Key to Sustainable Supply Chain Management

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010 - 2:27pm


Companies around the world are beginning to recognize the value of sustainable supply chain management, citing cost and risk reduction opportunities.  However, many of the executives quick to make sustainability commitments are now feeling the change management pains of implementation.

According to a new report from BPM Forum and E2open, ninety percent of the respondents indicated they have executive commitments to increase visibility, flexibility and sustainability across their entire demand chain.  The report identifies some of the key business sustainability drivers to be:
•    Environmental responsibility
•    Better sustainability compliance
•    More efficient product manufacturing
•    Better customer responsiveness
However, of that ninety percent, two-thirds of the respondents indicated limited to no sustainability insight into their supplier relationships, with less than half even considering the impacts of the extended supply chain.  As a result, companies are not meeting sustainability commitments nor realizing value from synergy, adaptability, uniformity and accountability in the supply chain.
The report cites that a lack of transparency into the internal and supply operations may be severely hampering business sustainability performance in the supply chain.  The top areas of concern include:
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