Versaic Awarded Patent for Flexible Platform Design

Versaic Awarded Patent for Flexible Platform Design

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Mark Soloway, Burt Cummings and Alex Alishoev, along with Kanstantin Venger are the drivers behind Versaic's recent patent

Friday, December 12, 2014 - 9:15am


By: Burt Cummings

It’s taken years of patience and persistence, but Versaic has finally been awarded a patent that substantiates the company’s claim to deliver a fast, flexible software platform that can be easily customized to meet the exact needs of clients. Call it our “secret sauce” or our “fleximizeability” (our in-house name for it) but Versaic’s unique Platform as a Service (PaaS) approach gives our company a distinct advantage over competitive offerings and makes it possible for us to deliver a broad range of features and functionality to clients who use Versaic software to manage their grants, donations and sponsorship programs.

Underlying Versaic’s software is a distinct combination of technical features that delivers flexibility and customizability and can be implemented quickly. At a high level, the patent covers the key mechanisms and design Versaic uses to provide rapid customization around features such as submitter navigation and proposal evaluation, workflows such as routing and approvals, and impact measurement and reporting, to name a few.

Before we delivered this solution, organizations had to choose between fast – out of the box, one size fits all – or customized – what you want but costly to maintain. With Versaic, there’s no trade-off. We’re fast and flexible and this patent underscores exactly why we’re able to do something that no other company has been able to pull off.

While everyone at Versaic is celebrating this important milestone, I see an extra spring in the step of our CTO, Mark Soloway, who shepherded us through this process and envisioned the technology that is covered by the patent.  I’m very proud of Mark, Alex Alishoev our VP of Engineering and Kanstantin Venger and his amazing engineering team for ensuring Versaic technology delivers to our clients as promised.

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