Upgrade Your Downtime with Moderation This Holiday Season

Upgrade Your Downtime with Moderation This Holiday Season

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Monday, November 21, 2016 - 9:05am

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The peak holiday social calendar season is fast-approaching and you’ll undoubtedly have a great number of events to navigate. From your office’s infamous karaoke/scarf monograming party to the New Year’s Eve Midnight Mud Run, a certain level of merrymaking is on the horizon. But HEINEKEN USA wants to remind you that just because alcohol may be in excess, doesn’t mean you have to be. In fact, the global trend in consumer behavior toward moderation signifies that young adults recognize that responsible drinking leads to greater enjoyment of the moment. And it all begins with knowing your number.

Knowing your number means knowing your alcohol limit. Your BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) is a number that determines how much alcohol is in your system. Keeping your BAC in check translates to making the most of your night, especially during a season that’s full of so many reasons to celebrate.

Are you someone who likes to plan ahead? Well, IARD’s (International Alliance for Responsible Drinking) new BAC calculator, called BACPlus, can be used before you even take that first sip. BACPlus forecasts your BAC by estimating the changing blood alcohol levels from your first drink until the alcohol is completely eliminated from your body. It also factors in your sex, weight, drinking time frame, and quantity of drinks ingested. It’s easy to use and provides you with a game plan to make good decisions while celebrating - http://www.iard.org/bacplus/.

Are you more the spontaneous type? Take control of your night with a smartphone breathalyzer attachment like Alcohoot. Check out this video to see how knowing your number can elevate a night out.

HEINEKEN USA has a long-standing commitment to promoting responsible and moderate consumption of alcohol throughout our brand portfolio. Our goal is for consumers, customers and employees alike to take a sensible approach to social drinking.

This 2K16 holiday season, when the temperature dips, your responsibility doesn’t have to. Know your number. Use your number. Maximize your holiday nights.