Unite to Fight Pet Cancer to Support Ground-breaking Research

Unite to Fight Pet Cancer to Support Ground-breaking Research

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Thursday, May 7, 2015 - 12:00pm

CAMPAIGN: Connecting Business to Cause


Cancer is a disease that takes on countless forms—that is especially true in veterinary medicine where doctors treat many different species of animals with cancer in all its myriad disguises. The leading cause of death in dogs, and the second disease-related cause of death in cats, cancer is diagnosed in nearly 12 million dogs and cats annually. It strikes animals of all ages, and impacts all breeds of dogs and cats as well as other species. 

Morris Animal Foundation, a major funding source for veterinary cancer research globally, is committed to saving lives by advancing knowledge that leads to better diagnostic tests for cancer and more effective treatments against it. 

Last year, Morris Animal Foundation established its Unite to Fight Pet Cancer campaign to raise awareness of pet cancer and provide information for pet owners through valuable tools, including a cancer prevention checklist available for download by owners.  The checklist gives information about known cancer risk factors as well as practical advice for owners on how to give their pets the healthiest life possible. Unite to Fight also raises funds to be used in ground-breaking cancer research programs that may one day lead to cancer breakthroughs not only for your pet but for all animals (people, too!).

If your company is interested in supporting animals and medical research, consider teaming up with Morris Animal Foundation this year through workplace giving. America's Charities can help you get started and we can also provide strategic advice on how to align your support of Morris Animal Foundation with your broader CSR goals. 

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