Twitter Chat Recap: Championing Global Health - Examining the UN's SDGs

Twitter Chat Recap: Championing Global Health - Examining the UN's SDGs

The can’t-miss summary about the impact of the Sustainable Development Goals on global health with The Dow Chemical Company, GSK, BD, The Global Health Fellows Program II and PYXERA Global

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#SDGforum chat recap Championing #GlobalHealth - Examining #SDGs w/ @GHFPII @PYXERAGlobal & partners #GlobalGoals
Wednesday, October 28, 2015 - 5:00pm

The United Nations recently ratified the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs or Global Goals), providing the foundation for action to solve some of the world’s most difficult challenges. This is a tremendous opportunity for the private, public, and social sectors to partner to improve global health worldwide. PYXERA Global and The Global Health Fellows Program II saw this as a perfect opportunity for an open discussion the topic. #SDGforum Twitter chat encouraged anyone interested in global health and the SDGs to join in the conversation leading up to The Global Engagement Forum, November 10 -12.

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The #SDGforum conversation was positioned around two very popular topics to the CSR and sustainability community that is active on Twitter: global health and the SDGs/Global Goals – the conversation did not take long to inspire tweets and users to join in.

We're chatting about the #globalgoals in 15 minutes! Join the discussion by using #SDGforum. - @unfoundation (tweet)

Come join @neilchawkins @BDGlobalHealth @GSKUS @PYXERAGlobal today at 11am EST to talk #globalhealth on #SDGforum - @GavinCepelak (tweet)

Talk #globalhealth, #SDGs, & #globalgoalslive today 11am EST w @PYXERAGlobal @GHFPII @3BLMedia - Join w #SDGForum - @MSHHealthImpact (tweet)

PYXERA Global and The Global Health Fellows Program II brought together and incredible panel that brought their expertise and experience in global health and these Global Goals to the table for a lively and intelligent conversation. Like all good chats, we wanted to meet these panelists (and attendees) before we started #SDGforum.

Hello, Neil Hawkins, Corporate VP and Chief Sustainability Officer, @DowChemical. Happy to be here! #SDGforum  Very important topic! - @neilchawkins (tweet)

#SDGforum Hello everyone, I'm Priya Madina and I work on global health issues in our government affairs team at GSK - @ Primad77 (tweet)

#SDGforum Hi! This is Susan Rae Ross, USAID Sr. Private Sector Partnerships Advisor. Happy to be joining you today! - @USAIDGH (tweet)

From BD are Gary Cohen, EVP & President of Global Health, and Renuka Gadde, VP Global Health #sdgforum – @BDGlobalHealth (tweet)

Our Fellows and Interns are a #diverse group of top technical talent. We help @USAID build the #NextGenGH professionals #SDGforum - @GHFPII (tweet)

Hi, @LauraAsialaCSR here for @PYXERAGlobal. Excited to join today’s #SDGforum & talk about #GlobalGoals! Thx @3BLmedia #Health - @LauraAsialaCSR (tweet)

With so many items to discuss related to global health and the UN’s Global Goals and so many wonderful panelists to contribute, we jumped right into the Q & A. Questions from the LIVE #SDGforum chat included:

Q3 for ALL panelists: What are the opportunities for businesses to contribute to the health #SDGs? #GlobalGoals #SDGforum - @3BLMedia (tweet)

Q4: How does @Dow @GSK and @BD plan to align efforts with the health #SDGs? #SDGforum #GlobalGoals - @3BLMedia (tweet)

AUDIENCE >>> Q7: What appears to be the biggest challenge to successful execute these #SDGs to impact #GlobalHealth? #SDGforum - @3BLMedia (tweet)

Q12 for ALL: How can companies redefine the role of business to achieve #GlobalGoals? #SDGs? #SDGForum - @3BLMedia (tweet)

With the Q&A underway for #SDGforum, our panelists were excited and eager to share examples and best practices in regards to global health and moving these SDGS from aspiration to achievement.

A5a #SDGforum Communication is key: coordinating efforts requires playing to each partner’s strengths & unique assets - @USAIDGH (tweet)

BD plans to align with specific targets associated with SDG3 in areas such as maternal and newborn health.  #sdgforum - @BDGlobalHealth (tweet)

A6 Courageous #collaborations that achieve real outcomes require commitment, dialogue & compromise. #SDGforum #Dow2025 @DowChemical #health -  @neilchawkins (tweet)

A8. In #globalhealth, gov’t, nonprofit, & private sector partnership is essential  #SDGforum - @PYXERAGlobal (tweet)

A10b: #SDGforum Our five-year partnership with Save the Children aims to help save the lives of 1 million children - @Primad77 of @GSKUS (tweet)

GlobalHealthFellows Retweeted USAID Global Health

#Partnership is about humility, trust, communication, flexibility. "Soft skills" key to #SustainDev #SDGforum - @GHFPII (tweet)

A12 Biz must lead recognizing personal, environmental health are intertwined. We’re helping w/ #Dow2025. #SDGforum - @neilchawkins (tweet)

A18: Professional education provide opps for #diverse students. We partner w #MSIs #HBCUs #HSIs for inclusion @CUGHnews #SDGforum - @GHFPII (tweet)

With only 60-minutes with the #SDGforum panel, the time flew by as questions poured in from the audience and all participants shared facts, info and links about global health and the Global Goals. This blog recap can hardly to the #SDGforum LIVE chat justice. Please visit the Storify archive to see the entire #SDGforum discussion.

During the LIVE #SDGforum, there were many AWESOME links and resources shared. Please use the links below to learn more about global health, the SDGs and the panelists & their organizations.

Event Resources: