Transcending Carbon Constraints

Transcending Carbon Constraints

A Letter from CEO Steve Binnie
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Thursday, June 23, 2016 - 9:00am

CAMPAIGN: Sustainability Report 2015

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The rapidly changing world around us is having a widespread impact on just about everything: global economies, industries, markets, consumer trends and our planet’s resources. As a company, we are embracing this reality with a focused strategy and some very clear objectives. 

Our way of living, and ultimately Sappi’s future, is being impacted by a number of megatrends, including shifts in demographics, technology, climate, the drivers of the global economy and the reality of adjusting to a carbon-constrained future. As a company, we understand these changes and are embracing them by adapting our business accordingly. Our ultimate goal, within a changing world, is to maintain our position as a global forest products leader. We will achieve this through the power of One Sappi—committed to collaborating and partnering with stakeholders—always focused on being a trusted and sustainable organization with an exciting future in wood fiber.

The quality of our people—their dedication, resource¬fulness and drive—has made it possible to overcome the transformative challenges in our industry. Today, we are in a much stronger position to move ahead, thanks to our optimism and pragmatic approach in running a leaner, more productive and efficient business. 

We now have the opportunity to further transform and diversify as a business. 

To do this, we have identified numerous exciting prospects for which we are uniquely positioned to take a lead industry role. As a natural renewable resource company, Sappi is in an excellent position to help drive the renewal of the forestry industry toward a low-carbon future. We will make full use of this opportunity.

Our approach is encapsulated in our 2020Vision. Within the next five years, we want to optimize and maximize the returns from our mature businesses, expand our existing high-growth businesses and enter new businesses in adjacent fields as we unlock and commercialize the potential of plantation and forest-derived bio-products. 

The fact that we operate in a carbon-constrained world as a natural renewable resource company has opened up many exciting opportunities to expand and diversify. Our business is based on wood fiber derived from trees, and it is in these fibers that we have found the key to unlock our sustainable future in a fast-changing world. 

Finally, how we reach our strategic goals as a business is as important as reaching those goals. Our new group value statement defines our operating ethos going forward: “At Sappi we do business with integrity and courage, making smart decisions which we execute with speed.”

Steve Binnie 
Chief Executive Officer, 
Sappi Limited

Learn more about Sappi’s global sustainability goals in the 2015 Sappi North America Sustainability Report: