Sustainable Line of Sight in Your Supply Chain

Sustainable Line of Sight in Your Supply Chain

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Sustainable Line of Sight in Your Supply Chain by @TaigaCompany #SCM #sustainability
Wednesday, April 28, 2010 - 1:01pm


The recent drive to incorporate ‘Sustainability’ into Supply Chain Management has caused companies to reexamine their internal and external processes.  Companies are evaluating their procurement, sourcing and supplier management from a new perspective.  Incorporating sustainability concepts into business relationships creates line of sight across the value chain. 

In a recent post, we explored some reasons why most companies incorporate eco awareness into the supply chains.  Included in that list was the sustainability concept of ‘Alignment’ and its impact on the supply chain.  Creating alignment across the value chain can improve operational efficiency, reduce cost, and add value.
In addition to simply creating alignment within a company’s own organization, leading businesses are creating alignment with their suppliers and customers.  This ensures that every stakeholder understands the direction and can see how they contribute.  A balanced approach includes: click here to continue reading.

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