Sustainability Strategy Management: Part 1 - The Concept

Sustainability Strategy Management: Part 1 - The Concept

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#Sustainability Strategy Management: Part 1 - The Concept by @TaigaCompany
Monday, April 26, 2010 - 2:07pm


In a 2008 survey by Pinnacle Worldwide, 45% of businesses reported to have a sustainability strategy already in place and another 27% responded that they were working on one.  However, a strategy is only as good as the ability to implement and continuously manage its progress.  

As we have discussed in a recent post, business sustainability is a mind-set change that may be consistent and in alignment with traditional strategic decision making and continuous improvement effort in the company.  While the decision criteria might vary, the business processes may be the same.
Leveraging a traditional strategic management process, businesses are applying the four development steps to business sustainability planning.  These steps can be applied to sustainability concepts when developing or reevaluating a business sustainability plan. These applied steps include:  click here to continue reading.
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