Sustainability: Redefining Category Management

Sustainability: Redefining Category Management

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010 - 2:14pm


Traditionally businesses and professional consulting firms have focused their procurement and supply chain management efforts on efficiency, particularly actions to reduce costs. While these practices provide great insight into spend control, the next generation of business sustainability organizations is integrating sustainability concepts into their supply chains to evaluate risk and promote value through sustainable development opportunities.  

Our sustainability consulting considers risk along with other categorization methodologies, including spend classification and functional categorization, to be a framework from which an organization can create sustainable value within the supply chain.  A traditional category plan is viewed as an all encompassing analysis and management profile of spend with several major components:
•    Commercial Strategy
•    Supplier/Contract Management Plans
•    Demand Management Plan
•    Communication/Change Management Plan
•    Continuous Improvement Process
The next generation of sustainable category management includes a new level of responsibility across all activities.



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