The Sustainability Link to the Local Community

The Sustainability Link to the Local Community

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Friday, April 23, 2010 - 11:56am


 As a sustainability consultant, I often remind clients of the value of working with local communities to deliver benefits to both the company and the local groups who engage with the business.  Business sustainability includes recognition that a company and the community in which it operates are closely and strategically linked. 

In a report by Forum for the Future, the authors discuss the hallmarks of business sustainability leaders.  In the area of community relations, the report discusses some key business distinctions.
•    Community activities have strong links to the core business, its brands and its products/services.
•    The business measures the outcomes, rather than just inputs, of its community activities.
•    A clear strategy at group level provides the framework for initiatives carried out at the local level through partnership with community groups, local businesses, regulators etc.
•    Measures are in place to ensure initiatives add value both to the community and to the business.
•    Initiatives are delivered via mixed investments of time, finance, knowledge and skills.
Leading businesses are being more strategic about community affairs, by aligning their activities to the core business.


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