Sustainability Commission Honors Four 2015 Winners

Sustainability Commission Honors Four 2015 Winners

By Eric Bernsee
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Greencastle Commission on Sustainability Honors @RepublicService for Best Practices of the Year | Read:
Monday, November 16, 2015 - 10:40am

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Two local companies, a City of Greencastle official and a DePauw University senior were honored Tuesday evening when the Greencastle Commission on Sustainability unveiled its annual awards.

At the outset of Tuesday night's City Council meeting, Sustainability Chairman Anthony Baratta announced the winners of the Business of the Year, Best Practices of the Year, Outstanding Citizen of the Year and Young Leader of the Year, presenting them or their representatives with plaques detailing the honor.

Baratta noted that the Greencastle Commission on Sustainability was established under Ordinance 2009-5 in part to "enhance the socio-environmental-economic well-being of the community while taking precautions not to compromise the quality of life of future generations."

"Toward that end, it reduces its use of non-renewable natural resources and its production of wastes, while at the same time improving livability. The mission of the Greencastle Commission on Sustainability is to promote sustainable socio-environmental-economic well-being of Greencastle and all its inhabitants," the commission chairman added.

With that in mind, the group honored and acknowledged Buzzi Unicem, Republic Services, Mayor Sue Murray and DePauw senior Sara Lejsner.

In being named Business of the Year, Buzzi Unicem (formerly Lone Star Industries) was singled out for working the past several years to make changes in its Environmental Protection Agency "license" to allow it to burn medications strictly as a community service.

Until that time, the Greencastle Police Department was forced to wait to schedule a Drug Take Back event until the state was promoting a statewide effort to allow for the safe destruction of meds.

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