SuiteVolunteers Honored with the All-Star of Service Award

SuiteVolunteers Honored with the All-Star of Service Award

Wednesday, September 10, 2014 - 3:45pm


SuiteVolunteers, the company’s signature pro bono program has been moving along at full steam this year – providing opportunities for our employees to provide technical and professional skills to the grantees (organizations using NetSuite through our donation program). In Q3, we’ve embarked on 28 projects ranging from simple implementations of a business process on the NetSuite platform, to outbound marketing campaign strategies.

Since January of 2013, the SuiteVolunteers program has run in the first three quarters of each year, engaging over 400 employee volunteers from 16 global offices in more than 150 projects for our grantees. As the Director of Corporate Citizenship, I have the privilege of leading a team that is the conduit between our incredible employee resources and our inspirational grantees. We are constantly in awe of the dedication and determination that these probono teams show for the process and their projects.

It was a surprise and an honor to have our program singled out and given an All-Star of Service Award at the Points of Light and A Billion+Change 2014 Conference on Volunteering and Service. The award honored our creative and comprehensive initiative and our overall engagement in the Billion+Change program.

We are pleased to dedicate the award to the volunteers and grantees who participated in the 150+ projects we’ve completed thus far. Without them, this program would not be possible.

For the Q3 2014 program, these grantee organizations include:

1. AyurVAID Hospitals
2. ABS-CBN Foundation
3. Ashoka Chile
4. Ashoka Indonesia
5. Ashoka Sahel
6. Ashoka South Africa
7. Bay Area Video Coalition
8. Colorado Orthodontic Foundation
9. Energy Foundation
10. Gerson Institute
11. Hoe Valley Free School
12. Homeocare Laboratories
13. Joanne Pang Foundation
14. Juma Ventures
15. Learning Ally
16. Muslim American Society
17. Planned Parenthood of Illinois
18. Positive Coaching Alliance
19. Port Washington Parent Resource Center
20. Reclaim Detroit
21. Riverview Industries
22. Stamford Dollars for Scholars
23. TLCS, Inc
24. Teddy in a Box
25. The Luke Commission
26. Washington Women in Need
27. Youth Venture

SuiteVolunteers will be taking Q4 off so that we can review the year’s projects, identify opportunities for improvements and prepare for the 2015 program, which will launch in January! Interested in learning more about the program? Check out the list of projects we’ve offered this year.

Have an idea of a pro bono project you’d like to see our SuiteVolunteers work on? You can find us on Twitter @NetSuiteorg.

Posted by Erin Dieterich, Director, Corporate Citizenship,