Strategic, Sustainable Actions Lead to Prosperity

Strategic, Sustainable Actions Lead to Prosperity

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Read more about @SappiNA’s financial #sustainability goals in the 2015 Sustainability Report:
Tuesday, July 12, 2016 - 11:05am

CAMPAIGN: Sustainability Report 2015

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Since 2008, Sappi North America has established regional long-term goals to focus our collective efforts on areas that are critical to our business. Achieving these goals improves our performance and helps assure our success for years to come. In concert with our new global strategy, 2020Vision, we have established several goals that cross all regions. Benchmarking from a 2014 baseline, this year marks our first year of performance against those new global goals. In addition to the global goals, we have also set regional goals for employee training and the reduction of raw material waste. The compilation of each region’s contribution to Sappi’s global goals is also published in our company’s annual report, which can be found online at


Return on net operating assets (RONOA) is a clear indicator of the financial performance of our operations and the ability to effectively use our asset base to generate profit. Our 2015 performance improved compared to the 2014 baseline despite continued soft market conditions in all Sappi North America core businesses and the challenges that accompany a stronger US dollar. Our teams work to achieve increased operational efficiencies while closely managing both fixed and variable costs. Heading into FY16, with expected improvements in market dynamics coupled with the strategic actions that we are taking to diversify our business, we are well positioned to prosper in the years to come.

Learn more about our progress with our sustainability goals in the 2015 Sappi North America Sustainability Report: