From Startup Nation to B Corp Nation, Israel Joins the Movement.

From Startup Nation to B Corp Nation, Israel Joins the Movement.

by Julie Fahnestock
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A look at the winners of Israel's 1st “B the Change” competition via @Justmeans @juliefahnestock #bcorp #socent

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Thursday, March 19, 2015 - 4:00pm



It’s been called the “Startup Nation,” producing more startups per capita than countries like Japan, China, Canada and the U.K. And this past Sunday, after months of work and collaboration, it’s joined a global movement where innovative startups meets profit meets mission. Give a round of applause for ESCO, KitchenBug, MobileODT, Tulip Winery and VoiceITT—winners of the first Israeli “B the Change” competition. Welcome, Israel, to the B Corp movement! Mazel tov!

Creating buy-in for the B Corp movement in Israel has been no small feat. In 2013, Impact First Investment became Israel’s first Certified B Corp, and it has taken the efforts of five volunteers— Hallel Artzi, Yossi Hayut, Elysa Rapoport, Jordan Feder and Vanessa Bartram, Founder of one of my favorite B Corps, WorkSquare—to build momentum for the movement. Over the course of several months, they met with over 50 entrepreneurs to educate them on why B Corp certification is meaningful and necessary.

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