The Secret’s Out: B Corp Consulting is the Coolest Gig

The Secret’s Out: B Corp Consulting is the Coolest Gig

by Julie Fahnestock

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Ryan Honeyman and Conscious Brands Give the DL on How to “B” an All-Star Consultant : Part 1

Tuesday, September 22, 2015 - 4:00pm



I just can’t get enough. In the best sense of the word, I’ve developed a fetish for the B Corp movement. And I’m not the only one. The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur and NPR, to name a few, can’t stop talking about how rapidly the “B the Change” business movement is growing. A global chorus of supporters are singing the profit, purpose tune. Why? Because B Corp folks are the happiest, most motivated and productive employees. Because we know the work we do, whether that be manufacturing hipster eyewear, supplying Vermont with Cow Power or offering banking services for a localized economy, creates a more meaningful ROI than a lonely profit margin. Across markets, people are connecting themselves to this life-giving movement in as many ways as they can.

But I think the people who work in the sweetest, most satisfying, space in the B Corp movement (dare I say the world…!) are B Corp consultants. My assumption is that they are privileged in learning the ins and outs of supply chains, human resource tools and hearing the awesome stories of leaders who are mission-minded. I imagine a B Corp consultant wears the hat of expert, cheerleader and storyteller. So, when I heard Amanda Hachey from Conscious Brands, a Canadian-based sustainability firm, and Ryan Honeyman, Author of The B Corp Handbook and CEO of Honeyman Consulting, were hosting a webinar series called the “Secrets of B Corp Consulting,” I thought, “I knew B Corp Consultants lived in a cool and mysterious world. They even have secrets!” I have to sign up! (Like I said, I can’t get enough.)

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