Sappi North America: A Thriving, Sustainable Company With Vision

Sappi North America: A Thriving, Sustainable Company With Vision

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Learn more about #sustainability at @SappiNA by reading the company's 2015 Sustainability Report:

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Friday, April 29, 2016 - 10:00am

CAMPAIGN: Sustainability Report 2015

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Each year, in our annual sustainability report, we look forward to reporting our progress against goals we set to ensure that Sappi North America continues as a thriving, sustainable, re-investable company. We’re committed to keeping you informed on how we’re doing in terms of employee training and safety, key environmental metrics and, of course, financial returns.

The following highlights are just a few of the achievements accomplished in 2015:

We believe that maintaining a skilled workforce is critical to achieving high performance in our complex manufacturing operations and business management systems, and this year we achieved 80 hours of training per employee. Page 6

Our product development teams worked hard to expand our coated-one-side (C1S) offerings by developing a heavier basis weight LusterCote® at our Cloquet Mill. Page 9

100% of our fiber was procured in accordance with the SFI® Fiber Sourcing standard as well as the FSC® Controlled Wood standard, and 58% of our fiber came from certified sources. Page 22

We remain the manufacturer with the lowest carbon footprint out of all domestic producers of coated freesheet papers in the US, and our combined direct and indirect emissions total just 0.4 tons CO2/ton of product. Page 23

The solid waste sent to landfills reached its lowest level in the past five years, due in large part to the continued expansion of our beneficial use program where by-products are used by local landowners as a soil amendment. Page 25

We’ve streamlined this year’s report content to make it even more accessible. You will see that, in some cases, we are well ahead of our aggressive goals, while in other areas we will need to dive a little deeper to achieve our five-year vision. 

Download a full copy of Sappi North America’s Sustainability Report here:

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