Safety and Education Top Priorities for Sappi and Its People

Safety and Education Top Priorities for Sappi and Its People

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#Sustainability at @SappiNA extends beyond its products. Read more in the 2015 Sustainability Report
Wednesday, July 6, 2016 - 10:30am

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Since 2008, Sappi North America has established regional long-term goals to focus our collective efforts on areas that are critical to our business. Achieving these goals improves our performance and helps assure our success for years to come. In concert with our new global strategy, 2020Vision, we have established several goals that cross all regions. Benchmarking from a 2014 baseline, this year marks our first year of performance against those new global goals. In addition to the global goals, we have also set regional goals for employee training and the reduction of raw material waste. The compilation of each region’s contribution to Sappi’s global goals is also published in our company’s annual report, which can be found online at

Sappi North America could not succeed without the support and commitment it receives from its employees. Two of the company’s top goals are safety and workplace education. As seen above, Sappi was able to decrease its workplace injuries to 0.48 LTIFR, which brings them closer to the 2020 goal of zero. In terms of workplace education, Sappi has continued to exceed the global goal of 60 hours, and offered more than 80 hours of educational opportunities to employees.

Learn more about our progress with our sustainability goals in the 2015 Sappi North America Sustainability Report: