SAP Employees Donate $50,000 to STEM-Focused Non-Profits

SAP Employees Donate $50,000 to STEM-Focused Non-Profits

Promoting education and developing STEM skills among youth is a key focus for SAP workers!

Non-profit representatives with SAP executive Scott Leatherman. Images and information courtesy of SAP

SAP employee votes at a celebration with the non-profit partners

SAP employees support The Tech Museum of Innovation

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.@SAP employees distribute $50,000 among 3 organizations focused on building #STEM skills in youth.
Tuesday, January 27, 2015 - 3:15pm

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More than 8,000 votes decided how funds from SAP would go to local non-profits.

One of the top 20 corporate donors in Silicon Valley, SAP invited employees to distribute $50,000 among three organizations focused on building STEM skills in youth.

In a two-week voting sprint, employees reached out to their extended networks to build support for their non-profit of choice.

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