Recap: Get Ready for #BSR15: Resilient Business, Resilient World Twitter Chats

Recap: Get Ready for #BSR15: Resilient Business, Resilient World Twitter Chats

Don’t miss details from the BSR Conference team and BSR senior leaders
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Don’t miss the Twitter chat recap with the @BSRnews team! Get Ready for #BSR15: Resilient Business, Resilient World
Tuesday, October 27, 2015 - 12:15pm

With a week until the 23rd Annual BSR Conference, sustainability leaders and practitioners are getting ready to pack their bags and head to San Francisco, November 3 – 5, 2015. The theme of this year’s BSR Conference, “Resilient Business, Resilient World,” was inspired by today’s era of fundamental change. With financial, political, environmental, technological, and social conditions evolving at warp speed, business is being reshaped globally. Only the resilient will survive and grow.

Meet the team behind #BSR15  Join @melanie_janin @pswrtzbsr & @hetal8278 of @BSRnews for a chat TODAY at 1:30pm ET - @BSRnews  (tweet)

On Oct 20th, we will be joined by @aroncramer @LauraGitman @EdwardJCameron and @FollowAlisonT for PART 2 of the #BSR15 chat - @3BLMedia (tweet)

This #BSR15 Twitter chat brought together the BSR Conference team for a LIVE 30-minute chat on October 6, 2015 and a second chat that took place on October 20, 2015 with the BSR senior leadership. These two groups shared their enthusiasm for the upcoming event and were eager to share their excitement with the chat attendees.

Q for our panelists: What is your favorite part of the BSR Conference? #BSR15 @BSRnews - @3BLMedia (tweet)

A: I love hearing participants talk about taking back what they learned @#BSR15 to create impact in their own work. That's why we do this! - @hetal8278 (tweet)

A I’m looking forward to experiencing its energy and inspiration first hand, and meeting many more members and colleagues #BSR15 - @FollowAlisonT (tweet)

A: Moments on the plenary stage are amazing–hearing biz & civil society leaders talk about transforming the world is a privilege. #bsr15 - @melanie_janin (tweet)

A: Best part of conference is learning from passionate people from diverse backgrounds with a commitment to #sustainability #BSR15 - @EdwardJCameron (tweet)

The theme of the #BSR15 Conference, “Resilient Business, Resilient World” comes with many interpretations in the CSR and sustainability space. Not only were we curious about what “resilience” meant to our panelists but to the chat attendees as well.

The next question is for EVERYONE here today ---> Q: What does “resilience” mean to you? #BSR15 - @3BLMedia (tweet)

A: #Resilience means anticipating potential disruptions and devising creative strategies for navigating them successfully #BSR15 - @aroncramer (tweet)

A: Resilience = continual learning, and growing stronger and wiser as a result of this learning.  #BSR15 - @melanie_janin (tweet)

@BSRnews #Resilience #BSR15 It means substance or object to spring back into shape. - @karun_f7 (tweet)

A: Resilience means thriving under changing & often challenging circumstances. Planning #BSR15 provides lots of resilience training! - @pswrtzbsr (tweet)

A: We need resilient leaders to guide resilient biz, systems. My thoughts on 6 traits of such leaders:  #BSR15 - @LauraGitman (tweet)

A: Resilience is being able to adapt to social, environmental, and economic changes so no one gets left behind. #BSR15 - @hetal8278 (tweet)

A: For me #resilience is the capacity to manage change and prosper in an uncertain world #BSR15 - @EdwardJCameron (tweet)

Of course, our #BSR15 chat panelists are the BSR Conference experts, so we wanted to make sure that attendees of these Twitter chats had a chance to ask the questions that they had about the upcoming San Fran event.

#BSR15 How has BSR evolved in its mission over the yrs. Where is the main focus now? - @dayoungtx (tweet)

A: Our mission has been same since we started: work with business for a just and sustainable world. Our strategy evolves regularly. #BSR15 - @aroncramer (tweet)

#BSR15 How has #sustainability evolved over the years and what are some best practices you would suggest to businesses? - @CommonImpact (tweet)

A #Sustainability has b/c more specific- tailored 2 specific industries, regions, issues- it's YOUR co’s biggest impacts & opps #BSR15 - @LauraGitman (tweet)

A #Sustainability has also b/c more collaborative- co's working with others 2 solve systemic issues. Lots of best practices at #BSR15 - @LauraGitman (tweet)

We hope to see you at the BSR Conference this year! What does resilience mean to you? Tweet to us - @3BLMedia, @BSRnews - and include #BSR15 in your post. If you make it the BSR Conference, or not, you can follow along and join in the online conversation going on NOW through the November 5, 2015 using #BSR15 on Twitter!

Q:  What would you want someone considering attending #BSR15 to know? - @3BLMedia (tweet)

A: #BSR15 is a great opp 2 meet & learn from peers who are ACTUALLLY driving #sustainability in their companies & be inspired 4 the future - @LauraGitman (tweet)

A: Spend some time on our Conference website – it’s truly a wealth of information.  #BSR15 - @melanie_janin (tweet)

A: And check out who’s attending, to start planning 1-on-1s w/ attendees.  #bsr15 - @melanie_janin (tweet)

A13: My advice for #BSR15: Meet new people, seek out new ideas, build new partnerships - @aroncramer (tweet)