The Plastic Purge: Beth Terry

The Plastic Purge: Beth Terry

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This week on @SeaChangeRadio - "The Plastic Purge w/ author and anti-plastic activist, Beth Terry #green #plastic

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Thursday, August 30, 2012 - 10:20pm

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The average American generates between 88 and 120 pounds of plastic waste per year. Imagine what it would mean for you to cut that down almost entirely. What lifestyle changes would you have to make? This week’s guest on Sea Change Radio asked herself that same question and then tried to answer it – embarking on a mission to reduce her plastic use as much as possible and tell the world how she did it. In her new book, “Plastic Free: How I Kicked The Plastic Habit and You Can Too” author and accountant Beth Terry provides more than an instructional manual; she illustrates how conscious behavior can blossom into advocacy for wider change.

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