Phil Ting: Policies for Clean Cars and Recycling

Phil Ting: Policies for Clean Cars and Recycling

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This week's @SeaChangeRadio - California Assemblymember @PhilTing talks to host @SweetAl about policies for clean cars and recycling.
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Tuesday, November 26, 2019 - 4:15pm

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Can you imagine how hard it must be for legislators to know where to focus their energies? The problems that require reform and improved public policy are vast and varied. But as this week’s guest explains, there’s really nothing more important than ensuring clean air and water. Today on Sea Change Radio, we speak with California Assemblymember Phil Ting about his efforts to promote recycling and cleaner cars. We look at the impediments to systemic change, breakdown his proposals, and talk about the amount of political capital required to advance the most fundamental components of life on earth: clean air and water.

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