Personal Sustainability: We Are All Along for the Ride

Personal Sustainability: We Are All Along for the Ride

Blog by Julie Urlaub, Founder and Managing Partner at Taiga Company
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Personal #Sustainability: We Are All Along for the Ride by @TaigaCompany
Thursday, July 1, 2010 - 11:27am


There are a number of reasons why one chooses to explore personal sustainability or begin a path towards a more sustainable lifestyle.  Traditionally, we have observed this passion to be driven by a growth in eco awareness and a desire for personal improvement.   However, recent trends tend to indicate personal sustainability drivers may be expanding, bring more along on the journey. 

Our sustainability consulting experience over the last few years has led us to believe that the global sustainability conversation is beginning to shift from a possible future to a much more defined present.  A greater percentage of the population now recognizes the sustainability impacts at a personal level: 
  • Commodity price volatility will continue to have an increasing impact on home energy and fuel bills.

  • Political pressures will continue to translate into domestic laws designed to reduce individual footprints.

  • Consumer preferences will continue to redefine alternative product and service options.

Less than a decade ago, personal sustainability action was not even on the radar for most people.   Today, more and more individuals are beginning to evaluate personal sustainability risks and opportunities.   Now even the skeptic individual is exploring personal sustainability planning by asking some basic questions: 
  • How will I be affected?

  • Should I be taking action now?

  • Will I feel the impacts in my wallet?

  • Will the financial impacts be felt immediately?

  • Where are the costs likely to show up?

  • How will my everyday life be affected?

Our sustainability consulting is personally charged with promoting expanded eco awareness and driving change in business and individual thinking.  Click here to continue reading.

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