PepsiCo Brazil Opens its Second Formare School

PepsiCo Brazil Opens its Second Formare School

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.@PepsiCo Brazil opens 2nd Formare school to develop professional potential of young low-income Brazilians
Tuesday, September 11, 2012 - 3:00pm

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PepsiCo Brazil has announced it is expanding its Project Formare with a new school in Sorocaba, Brazil.  Project Formare is a professional learning environment that helps develop the potential of young Brazilians from low-income populations.

PepsiCo Brazil launched Project Formare in 2010 in Itaquera, a neighborhood of Sao Paulo, Brazil. By training local youths and helping them develop their skills, PepsiCo Brazil is contributing not only to the sustainability of PepsiCo's businesses in the city but also to community development.

"Sorocaba is a promising region with a diversified economy rarely seen in other municipalities,” said Claudia Pires, manager, Sustainability - PepsiCo Brazil. “It is the fifth city in economic development of the State of Sao Paulo and an important industrial center.