On to Paris: Pacific Environment's Alex Levinson

On to Paris: Pacific Environment's Alex Levinson

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Alex Levinson of @PacEnvironment talks about the Paris climate summit @COP21en on @SeaChangeRadio http://www.cchange.net/2015/12/01/paris/
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Wednesday, December 2, 2015 - 9:00am

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Many of us would like to be at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, kicking off this week in Paris. Well, today on Sea Change Radio, we’ve got the next best thing. Alex Levinson is the executive director of Pacific Environment, an organization focused on environmental efforts in the Pacific Rim and the Arctic, and a Paris Summit participant. Host Alex Wise recently sat down with Levinson at Pacific Environment’s San Francisco headquarters to discuss the goals and expectations of the Paris conference, how other Pacific Rim powers such as China and Russia view the climate change denial movement in the U.S., and the mess that humans have made of an already fragile Arctic ecosystem.

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