Novartis Corporate Responsibility Survey

Novartis Corporate Responsibility Survey

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Novartis is conducting a Corporate Responsibility survey to determine areas of focus. Please participate.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015 - 3:30pm

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Novartis is currently conducting an online survey to update our 2013 Corporate Responsibility materiality analysis. We recognize that our activities - and the way we carry them out - impact not only our business performance but also our stakeholders.  In order to remain successful long-term, we need to create value for our shareholders, our stakeholders and society more broadly.  

This is why we need a clear understanding of the CR issues that matter to our stakeholders.  We need to know their views on the economic, ethical, social, environmental and governance issues affecting Novartis and understand how we can best address their concerns.  To review the results of our 2013 analysis, please visit this link:

We would very much appreciate the perspective of journalists who cover this space on which areas of Corporate Responsibility Novartis should focus its efforts on, and so we ask that you please complete a survey that will help us to ensure that we continue to focus on areas that will support our company's mission of caring and curing.  

This survey will take about 15 minutes to complete.  Please go to the survey by clicking this link:

Thank you, 

The Novartis Corporate Responsibility Team