New Study: 1.5 Billion Dollars Could be Saved by Reducing Complications for People with Diabetes in Russia

New Study: 1.5 Billion Dollars Could be Saved by Reducing Complications for People with Diabetes in Russia

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Thursday, April 9, 2015 - 10:00am

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CONTENT: Press Release

April 9, 2015 /3BL Media/ - The challenge of diabetes continues to grow in Russia where 4 million people are diagnosed and even more are unaware of their condition. A new case study shows how Novo Nordisk together with partners is addressing this challenge and outlines the future potential for reducing the social and economic impact of diabetes in Russia.

Diabetes and its related complications negatively impact quality of life and represent a significant cost to the Russian society. Today, 40-50% of people with diabetes have a diabetes-related complication at the time of diagnosis, and 42% of the 12.5 billion US dollar annual cost of diabetes is associated with treating complications.[1]

Novo Nordisk’s latest Blueprint for Change case study, ‘Investing in diabetes care in Russia’, outlines the potential societal benefits that earlier detection and better control of diabetes[2] could lead to. This includes a significant reduction in complications, such as kidney failures and severe vision loss, thereby improving quality of life for people with the condition. On top of that, reducing complications could save society more than 1.5 billion US dollars in healthcare expenditures.

“Novo Nordisk has for many years worked to improve the lives of people with diabetes by investing in local knowledge and capacity building and we will continue to do so in the future,” says Henrik Bendix Dahl, general manager, Novo Nordisk Russia. “However, the diabetes challenge is complex and overcoming it requires collaborative efforts.”

'Investing in diabetes care in Russia’ demonstrates how Novo Nordisk together with partners is creating value to patients, society and the company. This includes raising awareness of diabetes through screening of more than 148,000 people and strengthening local knowledge through education of healthcare professionals with more than 21,410 training sessions held. It also includes investing in clinical research and development and making locally produced modern insulin available at a newly established manufacturing facility in the Kaluga region.

“Our experience in Russia shows that partnerships are effective to drive positive change and we welcome further collaboration that can lead to better care for people with diabetes in Russia,” Henrik Bendix Dahl adds.


Download 'Investing in diabetes care in Russia'.

Watch a short video about how better diabetes care can have a positive influence on the quality of life for people living with diabetes.


About the Blueprint for Change Programme

The Blueprint for Change programme aspires to set new standards for measuring and optimising the societal impact of Novo Nordisk’s business activities by enhancing the understanding of how the company creates value through its Triple Bottom Line business principle.

Through a series of case studies, Novo Nordisk provides insight into current and emerging sustainable business approaches, as well as best practices for creating shared value. The intent of the Blueprint for Change programme is not to present final answers, but rather a work in progress that invites stakeholders to share their own views and showcase how partnerships can co-innovate sustainable solutions to complex societal issues.

Read more about Novo Nordisk’s Blueprint for Change Programme.


[1] Dedov II, Shestakova MV. Federal Targeted Programme “Prevention and Management of Socially Significant Diseases (2007-2012)”: results of the “Diabetes mellitus” sub-programme. Diabetes Mellitus, 2013

[2] Reducing the average HbA1c level in people with diagnosed diabetes by 1 percentage point from 8.12% to 7.12%


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