New Site Tracks Corporate Impact On Deforestation

New Site Tracks Corporate Impact On Deforestation

by Antonio Pasolini
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.@supply_change lets users track companies' #sustainability efforts in near real time via @Justmeans #deforestation

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Friday, April 3, 2015 - 8:00am



The world’s tropical forests are dwindling due to economic pressure for commodities such as beef, soya beans, palm oil and wood products. In reaction to that, major companies are pledging to mitigate their environmental impact on those ecosystems and their supply chain complies with sustainability standards. But how can we know that the promises they make in their reports are actually being met?

Forest Trends, an organization that promotes sustainability among the business community, has launched a platform called that lets users track the green actions the companies are reporting in near real time.

The first compiled report, called “Supply Change: Corporations, Commodities, and Commitments that Count”, is based on the project’s 300 unique commitments, one-third of which are targeted for achievement this year.

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