New Partnership Aims to Boost Clothing Recycling

New Partnership Aims to Boost Clothing Recycling

by Antonio Pasolini

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Only 15% of clothing is #recycled each year. @CommRecycling wants to change that via @Justmeans
Monday, August 3, 2015 - 4:00pm



These days we all have far too many items of clothing, which represent a major environmental challenge, from the water and pesticides needed to grow cotton crops to the waste that piles up on landfills. We are not doing very well on the recycling front as only 15 percent - or 10.5 million tons - of clothes, shoes and accessories are recycled each year.

A new partnership between L.A.-based fashion label Reformation and Community Recycling, a company that promotes recycling with a focus on reuse, is aiming to improve those statistics on behalf of the planet. They will work together to inspire consumers to recycle for reuse through Community Recycling’s new online program, CR Home, which has been designed specifically for Reformation customers.

The program is called RefRecycling and it allows recyclers to pack their gently used clothes, shoes and accessories in a box, and leave the package for pick-up by their mail carrier​. To make it even more attractive, it's all​ free of charge​ and i​n the convenience of their homes.

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