National Grid: The Utility Alpha When It Comes Customer Listening

National Grid: The Utility Alpha When It Comes Customer Listening

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National Grid: The utility alpha when it comes customer listening | Intelligent Utility @nationalgrid
Thursday, October 15, 2015 - 9:30am

CAMPAIGN: Energy Efficiency

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There’s just a wealth of stuff to talk about when you phone up National Grid U.S., one of the major utility players in the country. They’ve recently put together a new division. They’re participating in New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) project

They’re working on grid modernization in Massachusetts, which they delightfully refer to as “GridMod,” which makes me picture them all wearing ‘60s mod clothing. (It’s an amusing vision.)

Lots of stuff going on. Lots of action. Lots of interactions. So, I stole a few minutes out of one very busy day for Ed White, the vice president of that shiny new division known as New Energy Solutions, and Marcy Reed, the president of National Grid in Massachusetts, who is keeping an overview eye on those GridMod activities. 

I wanted to know more about these new shake-ups in the utility: what they mean, how they all work together, what they all say about the—to steal from White’s division name—new energy future. 

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