Merge Stakeholder Expectations for Sustainable Supply Chain

Merge Stakeholder Expectations for Sustainable Supply Chain

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Monday, May 3, 2010 - 11:15am


Supply Chain Management has traditionally been focused on creating efficiencies within business relationships in an effort to reduce costs.  Recently the discussion of ‘Green’ or ‘Sustainable’ SCM has introduced the idea of incorporating sustainability concepts into the management of supply.  

This added perspective has merged the values and expectations of key business stakeholders beyond traditional cost. Incorporating sustainability concepts into business relationships is creating a common sustainability line of sight  across the entire value chain.
In our previous post on sustainable Supply Chain Management, we have primarily focused on the best practices and opportunities for both customers and suppliers.  Sustainable Supply Chain Management incorporates a broader value proposition in its ability to effectively align the business sustainability needs of a company’s key stakeholders.
Stakeholders Engagement is more than just obtaining buy-in from employees and investors.  It includes:

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