Measuring Methane

Measuring Methane

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Measuring methane released by fracking is a tricky biz. Interview w/ @lisalsong of @insideclimate on @SeaChangeRadio

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Lisa Song

Thursday, June 4, 2015 - 8:40am

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When we think of the potential dangers of fracking for natural gas, what may come to mind is the dramatic image of flaming tap-water. But the prospect of methane released in the hydraulic fracturing process goes beyond contaminated ground water to include poor air quality and accelerated climate change. Researchers have struggled to accurately measure how much methane is released through fracking, and studies vary widely in their findings. This week on Sea Change Radio, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Lisa Song, of Inside Climate News joins us to make some sense of the various studies, and help us understand the impact of fracking on the air we breathe. We also delve into the political divide among environmental groups, as nonprofits like the Environmental Defense Fund break with longstanding allies on the subject.

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