Lilly: Ebola Highlights Need for Public Health Investment

Lilly: Ebola Highlights Need for Public Health Investment

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With so much attention focused on #Ebola, let's not forget #TB kills 1.3m each yr, even though both are preventable.
Wednesday, September 10, 2014 - 3:15pm

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Today's guest blog comes from Lilly's Vice President of Global Health Programs, Evan Lee, M.D.
Americans have been paying close attention to Atlanta in the past several weeks, and not because the Braves have reignited playoff hopes. It’s because, as you’ve surely heard by now, two Americans who contracted Ebola in West Africa were flown to Emory Hospital in Atlanta for intensive care. People are worried about this deadly disease spreading in the U.S.
The fact is the two people have been isolated and cared for in one of the best facilities in the world. No serious officials expect their presence to cause Ebola to spread, and according to the latest reports both people are both expected to make a full recovery, which is great news.

While the public concern over Ebola is understandable, it’s too bad we don’t get the same media attention for Tuberculosis. Not very far from Emory, a TB outbreak in homeless shelters in Fulton County has infected 47 people and claimed three lives. TB doesn’t act as quickly as Ebola in the body, but it can be every bit as deadly.

Read on for more about TB outside the US and the need for public health investment.