LafargeHolcim Publishes Its Sustainability Report 2016

LafargeHolcim Publishes Its Sustainability Report 2016

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.@LafargeHolcim publishes its 2016 #Sustainability Report, maps contribution to the #SDGs via @ReportAlert

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 4:00am

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LafargeHolcim has released its Sustainability Report 2016, which highlights its performance in the first full year of operation and the progress made against its main sustainability targets. Sustainability is one of LafargeHolcim’s core values and a key element of its strategy.

The report is largely structured around the LafargeHolcim 2030 Plan, with details of performance and commentary on the four categories of People and Communities, Climate, Circular Economy and Water and Nature. It additionally provides details on governance and reports data on around 200 sustainability related indicators. Key data included have been independently reviewed by Ernst & Young.

The report includes an Integrated Profit & Loss statement, a tool to complement traditional financial metrics with an estimate of how the company adds value to society along the triple bottom line (people, profit and planet). A panel of external stakeholders reviewed the report and provided recommendations for future actions and reporting. The report also maps LafargeHolcim’s contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals through the pillars of The 2030 Plan.

LafargeHolcim is equipped to effect a real change in sustainability and The 2030 Plan outlined in the report provides the roadmap to make that change happen. The overarching objective is to generate one third of net sales from solutions with enhanced sustainability performance.

LafargeHolcim is committed to releasing a Sustainability Report every year so its stakeholders will have full transparency on progress towards the targets defined in the LafargeHolcim 2030 Plan.

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