LNG Hybrid Barge “Hummel” recognized with GreenTec Award of the DRV

LNG Hybrid Barge “Hummel” recognized with GreenTec Award of the DRV

AIDAsol is the world’s first cruise ship operated with low-emission electricity from LNG
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Monday, June 1, 2015 - 10:00am

June 1, 2015 /3BL Media/ - For the LNG Hybrid Barge project developed together with AIDA Cruises, Becker Marine Systems was honored on May 21, 2015, with the GreenTec Award 2015 of the DRV (German Travel Association) in the category “Travel.”

AIDAsol is the world’s first cruise ship powered during the time spent in port with environmentally friendly and low-emission electricity from liquefied natural gas, which is produced on the LNG Hybrid Barge. Currently the final tests are being conducted in the port of Hamburg.

“Together with our partners Becker Marine Systems, we are pleased about the award. With this unique pilot project, which is thus far unique worldwide, we are opening a new chapter for environmental protection in the port of Hamburg,” said AIDA President Michael Ungerer.

The 76.7 m long and 11.4 m wide LNG Hybrid Barge functions as a floating power plant. In the gas processing plant, the liquid natural gas is heated and then passed on to the generators, which generate the electricity that is fed into the ship while it is docked. The power that can be provided by a total of five natural gas motors on the LNG Hybrid Barge is 7.5 megawatts.

Thanks to the use of liquefied natural gas in the energy supply of ships, emissions and particle discharge will be significantly reduced. Compared to the use of conventional marine diesel with 0.1 percent sulfur content, no sulfur oxides and no soot particles are emitted. Nitrogen oxide emissions will be reduced by up to 80% and carbon dioxide emissions by 30%.

In the spring of 2016, the first ship of the new AIDA generation, AIDAprima, will be moored for the first time in its future home port of Hamburg.

AIDAprima is the first cruise ship with a shore power connection, a comprehensive system for exhaust gas aftertreatment, and a dual fuel engine. It can be operated with conventional fuel or directly with LNG, depending on availability.

Detailed information on the environmental commitment of AIDA Cruises can be found at www.aida.de/aidacares.

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