Kris De Decker: Enough Is Enough

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Kris De Decker: Enough Is Enough

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This wk's @SeaChangeRadio - "Kris De Decker: Enough Is Enough." Low Tech Magazine founder makes the case for sufficiency over efficiency:

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Kris De Decker

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 - 6:20pm

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In our quest to make a better world, we often strive for more efficient use of resources. But is the goal of efficiency the right one? Our guest this week on Sea Change Radio, Low Tech Magazine founder, Kris De Decker, makes a compelling case for the abandonment of efficiency as the barometer for planetary stewardship. He proposes we use the simpler, but perhaps more painful objective of sufficiency. De Decker argues that pursuing greener, more efficient methods and technologies is, more often than not, a fool’s errand. He maintains that the human appetite for comfort, growth, and acquisition tends to turn efficiencies into increased consumption, and that the only way to truly fight climate change is for all of us to recognize that enough is, well, enough.

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