The Key to Making Clients Successful

The Key to Making Clients Successful

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6 reasons why clients point to @Versaic’s service as the “secret sauce” #clientsuccess #clientsupport

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Thursday, August 20, 2015 - 9:00am


While we’re very proud of our incredibly flexible product, we’re perhaps most well known for our Client Success team at Versaic. Every day, our Client Success Managers help clients transform the way they manage their philanthropy programs. Check out the “Day in the Life of a Versaic Client Success Manager” graphic for a peek at a typical day.

Here are six reasons why clients point to Versaic’s service as the “secret sauce” that sets us apart:

  1. Dedicated Client Success Manager. Every client is matched with a dedicated Client Success Manager so there is always a person available to offer support, whether it’s a routine request or a last-minute emergency. Your Versaic Client Success Manager is the one who answers the phone when you have a question, need an additional report on the fly or want to implement a new program or initiative.
  2. We push back on issues when we think there’s a better way. We challenge you in the best way possible. Versaic’s Client Success team isn’t just there to implement features and offer support. We offer a new perspective or even politely disagree when we think there’s a better approach. With years of expertise under our belts, we challenge our team and yours to make your philanthropy program the best it can be.
  3. A true partnership approach. The Versaic Client Success team doesn’t just get you set up and then hand you the keys. We partner with you every step of the way, making changes and additions to ensure that your Versaic solution continues to evolve with your programs.
  4. Deep expertise and best practices. Versaic strives to forge deep partnerships with clients where we become an extension of the team, learning from each situation and offering critical insights built on best practices developed from supporting hundreds of organizations.
  5. Submitter support. We support system users from your organization, as well as all of your partners. We fully support all submitters through online FAQs and email, with Contact Us links located on every page in the system.
  6. NO CHARGE! There’s no extra charge for ongoing service and support. It’s all part of the package and one of the many things that makes Versaic different.

“As the liaison between the Highmark team members and Versaic, my job is to make sure our system responds to the needs of our users. What I appreciate most about the Client Success team at Versaic is that they aren’t just implementers. There’s lots of healthy debate during the process and they make suggestions when they feel we aren’t making a decision that’s going to be in our own best interest. It goes beyond just a simple best-practices approach. The Versaic team are experts and their focus is all about what's going to make Highmark’s giving programs most successful. I love working with them, even when I lose an argument or two!” - Rick Drummond, Lead Business Technical Analyst, Community Affairs, Highmark

Learn more about our Client Success team here, or reach out to us directly at to witness our client support in action.