Ken Geiser: Our Chemical World

Ken Geiser: Our Chemical World

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This week on @SeaChangeRadio - author Ken Geiser discusses his book "Chemicals Without Harm"

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Ken Geiser

Wednesday, November 11, 2015 - 11:10am

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When you see an ad sponsored by the chemical industry espousing the wonders of chemicals, you probably roll your eyes like most of us. But how much does it influence our attitude towards chemicals? As consumers we may do our best to avoid toxins and carcinogens, but they’re still everywhere we turn, from our food and clothing to the walls in our houses.

This week on Sea Change Radio, we hear from Ken Geiser, whose new book “Chemicals Without Harm“ provides a roadmap for sound policing of the chemical industry. By focusing on what we know works, from greener chemicals, to greater transparency, to the templates provided by regulatory bodies beyond our borders, Geiser lays out a better way to live in our chemical world.

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