JetBlue Technology Ventures Takes Off

JetBlue Technology Ventures Takes Off

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.@JetBlue Technology Ventures incubates, invests in, and partners with start-ups #travel #technology #innovation
Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - 2:10pm

In February 2016, we announced JetBlue Technology Ventures, a Silicon Valley initiative that incubates, invests in, and partners with early-stage start-ups at the intersection of technology, travel, and hospitality.

JetBlue Technology Ventures also teamed up with El Al’s Cockpit Innovation Lab to launch the Navigator program, an international accelerator program for start-ups in the air travel industry.

For JetBlue, we believe that by looking at the start-up landscape and leveraging agile and innovative companies, we will be uniquely able to expand our hospitality expertise and develop truly insightful relationships with our customers.

“We want travel-tech start-ups to consider it a badge of honor that they have JetBlue Technology Ventures on the cap sheet. And of course, we want to also help JetBlue innovate, become more efficient, and stay ahead.” — Bonny Simi, President, JetBlue Technology Ventures

JetBlue Technology Ventures is honored to receive the GCV Award for New Entrant of the Year, as we seek to simplify customers’ journeys and empower JetBlue crewmembers to provide an even better experience.

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