JetBlue Focuses on Inspiring Humanity with Huge Results

JetBlue Focuses on Inspiring Humanity with Huge Results

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Illustrations credit: Rebecca Mock

Illustrations credit: Rebecca Mock

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016 - 10:05am

CAMPAIGN: JetBlue’s Environmental and Responsibility Report

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2015 was a year JetBlue focused on inspiring humanity with huge results. At airports and on airplanes, JetBlue continued to make progress toward rolling out industry-leading NextGen technology with the FAA and opened a first-of-its-kind airport farm and rooftop park at JFK Terminal 5. In the community, they promoted literacy with groundbreaking book vending machines and launched JetBlue Scholars to help crewmembers achieve their higher education goals. On top of it all, crewmembers themselves volunteered about 150,000 hours for their favorite nonprofits. The narrative that drives JetBlue’s story is built around their core values.

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