JetBlue Focuses on Diversity & Inclusion

JetBlue Focuses on Diversity & Inclusion

JetBlue achieves a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index
Caption for images: Illustrations credit: Rebecca Mock

Caption for images: Illustrations credit: Rebecca Mock

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.@JetBlue achieves a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index.
Wednesday, November 2, 2016 - 10:30am

CAMPAIGN: JetBlue’s Environmental and Responsibility Report

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JetBlue customers come from different backgrounds and life experiences. A diverse workforce helps us to better understand and respond to their needs. In 2015, we reaffirmed our commitment to recognize the many aspects of diversity at JetBlue. We held activities for our crewmembers throughout the year including our annual Respectful Workplace Week, diversity trainings for JetBlue leadership. We also celebrated traditional heritage and awareness months.

Connecting Crewmembers:
Organized and led by crewmembers, Crewmember Resource Groups (CRG) help raise awareness and an appreciation for diversity while strengthening crewmembers. Our four active groups host a variety of activities throughout the year:

  • JetPride educates crewmembers about issues that affect the LGBT community. In 2015, JetBlue celebrated the historic Supreme Court ruling legalizing same sex marriage and participated in the NYC Pride March with more than 500 crewmembers and families marching.
  • Women in Flight promotes professional development and camaraderie among JetBlue women. In 2015, Women in Flight invited young girls to our Fly Like a Girl event in NYC where JetBlue leaders spoke firsthand about their experience working in aviation.
  • Vets in Blue supports Veteran crewmembers and initiatives. In 2015, we hosted our fourth Veterans Career Expo and honored current and former service members with a special charter flight from New York to the World War II Museum in New Orleans.
  • Blue Conexión is JetBlue’s newest CRG, which represents our growing Latino crewmember base. Blue Conexión hosted their kickoff event this year as part of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Reaching Blue Heights:
All Abilities Please Apply
JetBlue is committed to growing diverse talent through our Reaching Blue Heights disability initiative. We encourage individuals with disabilities to apply for vacancies and offer mentorships and internships to students and job seekers with disabilities. Through The Viscardi Center and other nonprofit partners, “Knowing that my fellow Crewmembers care enough to show interest in my technical skills and my culture – my way of life – makes JetBlue feel like mi segundo hogar (my second home).” - Claudia Fucci, Blue Conexión Co-Chair

JetBlue provides career coaching creating a talent pipeline for people of all abilities. For four years, JetBlue has also participated in national Disability Mentoring Day. In 2015, we hosted speakers and provided shadowing opportunities across eight BlueCities.

Prioritizing equality and making all crewmembers feel valued has pushed us to rethink how to best provide support to all crewmembers. In 2015, JetBlue began providing in-network health coverage for gender reassignment surgery to enrolled crewmembers and their dependents. We also continued to provide support, through gender transition guidelines, for crewmembers transitioning in the workplace.

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