Jaguar Land Rover Reports on Progress Towards 2020 Responsible Business Goals

Jaguar Land Rover Reports on Progress Towards 2020 Responsible Business Goals

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.@JLRPR reports on progress towards their 2020 Responsible Business goals. View the report here via @ReportAlert
Tuesday, February 2, 2016 - 8:00am

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In 2009 Jaguar Land Rover set out its Responsible Business strategy and targets to 2020 and has made great progress to date, winning recognition both within and outside the automotive industry. But it also recognises that there’s still more to do…

This, its fifth performance report, demonstrates achievements in 2014/15 for each of the key pillars of its strategy and describes how it is working to future-proof the business through ‘Environmental Innovation’, to create strong foundations for responsible, profitable growth.

Report Highlights for 2014/15

· Tailpipe CO2 Emissions Performance: Jaguar Land Rover are aiming for their vehicles to be amongst sector leaders for tailpipe COemissions performance by 2020 and at 2014/15, have cut EU Fleet Average tailpipe COemissions by 25% (Vs 2007), a year ahead of schedule.

· Carbon Neutral Manufacturing & Zero Waste: The business is aiming for Carbon Neutral manufacturing operations and Zero Waste by 2020. In 2014/15 it met its target of reducing waste to landfill per vehicle by 79% and operational COby 30% (vs 2007) and reports a further investment of £36million over the next 3 years to continue improvements in energy efficiency.

· Opportunities for 12 Million People: Jaguar Land Rover's Global CSR Programme is creating opportunities for 12 million people in its communities. In 2014/15 it reached 1.3 million people, through initiatives in Education, Technology and Wellbeing, taking the total to 2.9 million since its launch in 2013.

Jaguar Land Rover would welcome feedback on this report and its wider approach to Responsible Business.