Innovative Tech is Transforming Agriculture

Innovative Tech is Transforming Agriculture

by Julie Fahnestock
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Friday, October 24, 2014 - 8:00am



Farming and technology. Not words the average consumer associates with one another. But for Soli Ltd, an Israel-based, farm-tech and food export company that specializes in the breeding and cultivating of hybrid vegetable seeds, and Tian Leh Eco-Farm, a farm in China that focuses on producing high quality produce, farming and technology work hand-in-hand.

“Farm tech encompasses all parts of agriculture,” Issac Liebreich, Founder of Soli and expert ergonomist, told me. “For example, we use a computer system to control irrigation, climate, fog, lighting and pest control in our greenhouses.”

Farm technologies help produce higher yields and more importantly to Soli and Tian Leh Eco-Farm, higher quality. Open field crops can also incorporate farm technology systems and include virus resistant, seed hybrids, seed breeding and variety expansion.

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