// Hydro Ottawa Retrofitting a City for the Future

// Hydro Ottawa Retrofitting a City for the Future

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Friday, November 16, 2012 - 8:00am

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If you could:
• improve quality of life
• enhance the life experience of your community
• contribute to a sustainable future
• operate your business more efficiently with a greater return on your investments
• benefit from incentives that put money right back in your pocket
• find energy-efficient alternatives that increase the operational effectiveness of your business would you?

It’s hard to imagine an answer other than “Of course!”

Part of Hydro Ottawa’s commitment to conservation and the greater good of the community is its enthusiastic participation in the saveONenergy Retrofit Program. This province-wide initiative provides partial funding to commercial customers who complete energy efficiency retrofit projects. Hydro Ottawa has helped thousands of local businesses upgrade their lighting and reduce their electricity bills. Additionally, more than 100 City of Ottawa buildings have been upgraded through the program including libraries, comfort stations, seniors’ centres, fire stations and community centres resulting in savings of almost $58,000 annually for the City of Ottawa.

This is where Corporate Social Responsibility and commercial effectiveness meet in the middle. Where there is a clear mutual benefit. And where commerce and environmental accountability join hands in delivering very real and tangible quality of life benefits to citizens. Since 2008, the energy savings realized in city-owned facilities could power 70 Ottawa homes for an entire year.

So, is Hydro Ottawa a genuinely committed community power partner? It’s hard to imagine an answer other than “Of course!”

Hydro Ottawa was a key sponsor of this year’s Corporate and Community Social Responsibility CCSR Conference that was held on November 6th, 2012 at Algonquin College, Ottawa. This 5th annual CCSR conference – with a focus on the Canadian Perspective – is the country’s largest Community and Corporate Social Responsibility conference inviting experts from across the globe to share insights and showcase excellence in CCSR.